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Mrs. Carolyn Wood




Teaching in a Catholic school is truly her vocation. Her own four children attended St. Ignatius, Holy Name and Berks Catholic and were very well prepared for college with the foundation laid by their Catholic education. Mrs. Wood’s education included Catholic elementary and high school in Hicksville, NY, where she met her husband of 31 years, Michael Wood. Her Bachelors in Education was earned at CW Post Center of LIU in Brookville, NY, and her Master’s degree was earned at Hofstra University in Hempstead, NY. For over 24 years Mrs. Wood has been in education as an educator and supervisor. She is certified in Elementary Education and Middle School English in Pennsylvania and in Elementary and Special Education in both New York and New Jersey.


In her parish of St. Ignatius, Mrs. Wood is a Special Minister of the Eucharist and distributes the Eucharist to the residents at Berks Heim. She also is part of the Transportation Ministry and drives residents from the Highlands to mass. As an active parishioner she attends parish events that help to educate her about her faith. She loves being a lifelong learner. In the diocese, Mrs. Wood participates in many workshops and is a member of the English Language Arts committee and the Leadership Academy. She loves the challenges and growth that these opportunities present to her. Mrs. Wood loves teaching junior high school students and views her job of preparing them for high school as a very important one. She believes that by maintaining a sense of humor and flexibility and seeing the God-given value of every student, no challenge is too great!