Faculty and Administration

Mrs. Carolyn Wood


Mrs. Teresa Henshaw

Office Administrator

Tuition Coordinator

Mrs. Kelly Berry

8th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Middle School Science Teacher

Mrs. Emilia Ward

7th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Middle School Math & English Teacher

Mr. Barry Llewellyn

6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Middle School Social Studies Teacher

Mrs. Susan Larkin

6th Grade Homeroom Teacher

Middle School Math & English Teacher

Ms. Beth Pfeiffenberger

5th Grade

Mrs. Delores Stoicheff

5th Grade

Mrs. Stacey Berger
4th Grade
Mrs. Stephanie Neustadter

4th Grade

Mrs. Mary Kay Ryder

3rd Grade

Ms. Elise Lytz

3rd Grade

Mrs. Kathleen Williams

2nd Grade

Mrs. Rosemarie Campbell

2nd Grade

Mrs. Maribeth Johns

1st Grade

Mrs. Suzanne Boylan

1st Grade

Mrs. Kim Murgitroyde

Kindergarten (KA)

Miss Molly Ouchis

Kindergarten (AM & KB)

Mrs. Elizabeth Miller


Mrs. Katie Perlman


Mrs. Marie Etienne

Spanish & French

Mrs. Linda Behler


Mr. John Plasha

Physical Education

Mrs. Kate Brubaker


Mrs. Diane Buerke


Mrs. Barbara Kresse
Mrs. Amy Stauffer

Pre-Kindergarten Assistants


Mrs. Kristin Miele
Mrs. Allison Sobota

Kindergarten A Assistants

Mrs. Cecily Calabria-Roffer
Mrs. Barbie Yuschock

Kindergarten B Assistants


Mrs. Lorraine Jagielski

1A Assistant Teacher


Mrs. Anna Frey

1B Assistant Teacher


Mrs. Christine Lentz

2A Assistant Teacher


Mrs. Betsy Aguilar

2B Assistant Teacher


Sr. Patricia Brennan

Teacher Assistant

Ms. Laura Bayerle

Technology Coordinator


Mrs. Cecily Roffer

Extended Care Director

Mrs. Cindy Allen

Extended Care Staff


Mrs. Christine Franckowiak

BCIU Reading Specialist


Dr. Melody Shoemaker

BCIU Psychologist


Mrs. Carol Noga, R.N.

School Nurse


Mrs. Terry Zepiora

Food Services Director


Mrs. Heather Fitzgerald

Food Services


Mrs. Anna Frey
Lunch Room Monitor
Mr. John Beane
Mr. John Cerra


Ned Hesser
Director of Youth Ministry
Mrs. Sheryl Lanciano

Director of Parish Life

Mr. Terry Dugan


Religious Education Office

2710 St. Albans Drive

West Lawn, PA  19609



Mrs. Kari Mallozzi

Office Manager /

PREP Coordinator | Levels K-4 | Penance and Communion


Mrs. Lisa Deck

PREP Coordinator | Levels 4-8  |  Confirmation

Ms. Megan Bryson


 2700 St. Albans Drive

West Lawn, PA 19609  

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​Fax: 610-670-5795   

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