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School Bucks

St. Ignatius Loyola Regional School participates in "Tuition Rewards", by which our school families are able to purchase grocery store, retail store, convenience store, restaurant, hotel and airline gift cards, at face value, and have a percentage of their purchases applied to your student's tuition. Any of the "Tuition Rewards" that are purchased during the current year (August through April) will be applied to the following year's tuition. 


We urge you to take advantage of this pain-free way to reduce your tuition.  Consistent use is the key.  Your relatives, friends, etc. can buy these gift cards and designate your account to receive the rewards.  If anyone purchases "Tuition Rewards" and would like to apply that purchase to your account, an identification will be needed and they should use your current e-mail address.  Your earnings are also applicable to tuition at Berks Catholic High School. 


Sponsored by HSA.

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