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According to Pennsylvania Law, nonpublic school students are entitled to transportation to nonpublic schools as follows: 


1. A district that provides transportation for resident public school students must also make identical provisions for the transportation of resident nonpublic school students. 


2. Transportation for nonpublic school students must be provided to and from the nonpublic school in which the student is enrolled, even if the nonpublic school is located outside the district so long as the distance is not more than 10 miles beyond the district boundaries. (Note: This distance may be in excess of 10 miles from the student’s home.) 


3. A district may transport students who live along hazardous routes even though the students live within walking distance of the school. 


If you think you are eligible for transportation and desire it for the next term, we ask you to complete the Act 372 Form below and return it school immediately.


The following form needs to be completed each year.


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