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Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteer Opportunities


Academic Support             CYO

HSA                                       Inspire Committee

Classroom Helper              Coaching             Chaperoning                       Advancement 

Lunch Helper                       ...and many more

Reading Helper


Click here for Volunteer Requirements       




Every year, hundreds of parents, grandparents, relatives and friends of St. Ignatius students volunteer at our school. Without these volunteers,  many of our activites and events would not be succesful or even possible.


We'd like to thank our numerous volunteers for their time and effort and invite new volunteers to join us. There are many ways to participate and the commitment is up to you.....volunteer each week or only a few times a year. There are many opportunities for volunteers to make a difference


Volunteers are required to have several clearances and to participate in a Protecting God's Children Workshop.  Here is more details on Volunteer Requirements.

Contact the school office at 610-678-0111 to learn more about volunteering.




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