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"We are so grateful for all you have done this year to keep our school open and as normal as possible."


"Thank You for a wonderful school year for the kids and all the efforts you and your staff made to ensure in person instruction was a priority for these students. It was greatly appreciated. "


"We are so thrilled that our circumstances led us to your school, it was the best decision we could have ever made. He was welcomed, made great friendships  and really thrived!"  


"Thanks for a wonderful school year. We appreciate all your hard work."


"To all the teachers and staff at St. Ignatius,

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for all the hard work you have all put into making this unprecedented year such a success. 

We are unable to fully express how grateful we are for everything that you have done, and have accomplished in order to keep our daughter and all the students and staff at St. Ignatius safe over the past school year."  


"I also want to say how much we appreciate all the efforts the school put in place to keep the kids safe and healthy (and in school) through the pandemic. We were fortunate to sail through this year without quarantining or having any issues, while I watched many of my friends struggle with closures or not being able to go to school for long periods of time.  I work in healthcare so I can appreciate all the extra work and planning that went into it. ----- really struggled with the isolation during the early months of the pandemic so being able to be in school was huge for her. Thank you for all you, the committee and the teachers did to get us through this year."

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