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Mrs. Jessica McElderry

7th Grade


I live in Oley with my husband and family. We have five children, most of whom are grown. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, attending festivals, traveling, and cooking. I am a member of Saint Catharine of Siena Parish where I taught middle school students Social Studies, Math, and Language Arts. All my life I have been a student, teacher, or simultaneously both.  I achieved my undergrad at West Chester University and am finishing up my masters degree in Instructional Technology at Kutztown University. The classroom is a special place where one can engage with a curriculum to grow in ways of thinking, knowledge, and skill; and, I am addicted to it.  It is exciting because learning and teaching situations are never the same year to year or even class to class.  The classroom is a place to be inspired and to inspire.  Each person in the classroom, teacher and/or student, can learn from those around them and offer unique insight to others.  I strive to create thinkers who work together to discover knowledge within the curriculum.  The subject matter should be used as the catalyst of the thinking process.  Learning is most beneficial when students can articulate what they learned and proudly share it with others.  Students need to take learning out to the four walls of the classroom and apply it to the world.  I am a lifelong learner and it is my ultimate hope to provoke students to a journey of life-long learning.

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