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Mrs. Kait Biolchini



Mrs. Biolchini (Bee - Ole - Key - Knee) started teaching at Saint Ignatiusin 2019 after spending many years at home with her three young children.  Mrs. B. went to Southampton College of Long Island University for her Bachelors Degree in Art Education K-12 and then went to SUNY Purchase College for a Master's Degree in Modern Art History, Criticism and Theory.  Modern Art is certainly a favorite of Mrs. B's, but she appreciates all time periods of art  and hopes to share and inspire her love of art appreciation and art making with all the students of Saint Ignatius. 


When she is not drawing or making watercolors paintings, Mrs. B is making a cup of tea(or coffee) and taking care of her garden from A-Z (alongside her husband) and making sure the chickens, the rabbit, the cat, and the dog are happy at home!


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