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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the educational choices for the Return to School Plan?

The plan supports five day, in-person instruction for all students K-8. Parents can also choose a remote learning option for their child.  The plan also allows for the ability to transition to a complete remote method pending DOH guidance.

Will students be provided a remote learning option as an alternative to in-person learning options?

Yes; families have a choice of in-person or remote learning options.  Parents are required to choose either the in-person or remote learning model for their child(ren). If a parent does not complete the form, their child(ren) will be automatically placed into the "traditional" in-person learning model.

What happens if a student/teacher/staff member tests positive for Covid-19?

If a student/teacher/staff member tests positive for Covid-19, he/she must remain at home until he/she has "recovered," which  is defined  by the  CDC as: (1) not  demonstrating a fever for at least 72 hours without the use of fever-reducing medicines; (2) demonstrates noted  improvement in respiratory symptoms  (e.g., cough, shortness of breath); and (3) at least ten (10) days have passed since symptoms first appeared.  A Fitness for Duty/Health Practitioner's note is required before an employee/student is permitted to return to school.

Anyone in close contact (<6 ft for a period of 15 minutes or more) with that individual is required to quarantine for 14 days.

In the event that a staff member or student tests positive for COVID-19, according to guidance from the PDE, the areas of the school used by a sick person will be closed. These areas will not be used until after proper cleaning and disinfection procedures have been completed. If possible, a time period of at least 24 hours will pass before cleaning and disinfecting.  The area will be opened for use once it has been appropriately disinfected.

Will there be daily temperature monitoring for students/staff?

All staff and students will be screened upon entering the building. We are also asking families to check temperatures at home every day before coming to school.

Will masks be required?

All staff and students will be required to wear a mask/face shield while in the building. Masks are more effective and the preferred choice; if there is a reason a child cannot wear a mask, a face shield will be allowed.

Will hand washing be encouraged and/or will hand sanitizer be available throughout the school?

Hand sanitizer will be accessible throughout the school. Regular hand washing/sanitizing will be incorporated into the school day. Signage displaying correct sneezing/coughing methods and handwashing protocols will be displayed in bathrooms, hallways, and/or classrooms.

Will there be more cleaning/sanitizing/ventilation of the building?

A deep clean to the entire building will be performed prior to opening.  The building will be cleaned nightly. High touch surfaces including: Light switches, desks, chairs, door handles, bathroom fixtures, and paper towel dispensers will be disinfected nightly with an EPA Registered, CDC recommended disinfectant. 

Common spaces that are utilized during the day will be cleaned by designated facilities personnel as needed.  Each classroom will be cleaned during mask breaks and recess. Desks, light switches, chairs, door handles, etc. will be cleaned.

All air handling units in the building will be adjusted to a minimum of 25% fresh air make-up (vents will be opened to allow more outside air into the rooms).  The filters and condensate drains will be monitored routinely by the maintenance staff and sanitized as needed.

Will there be school events this year?

For the safety of staff and students, we will limit the number of in-person school events until guidance would be received that it is safe to gather.

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