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Recognition & Awards

Bishop Scholarship

Congratulations to our 2016 Bishop Scholars!

  • Andrew Gordos

  • Felicity Firestone

  • Margaret Helms

  • Brianna Sauselen


Declamation Speech

The 2016 Declamation is open to all 7th and 8 grade students. 

The two Grand Champions will continue on to the Diocesan Championship at St. Michael the Archangel School in Limeport.


Grand Champion Girl: Megan Heim- St Ignatius

Grand Champion Boy: James Stelluti- St. Ignatius


7th Grade Girls- Division Places

·         1st Place: Megan Heim- St Ignatius

·         2nd Place: Mariella Frisina- LaSalle Academy

·         3rd Place: Michelle Chi- Sacred Heart


7th Grade Boys- Division Places

·         1st Place: James Stelluti- St. Ignatius

·         2nd Place: Pablo Zavala- St. Peters

·         3rd Place: Michael Shuetz- LaSalle Academy


8th Grade Girls- Division Places

·         1st Place: Caroline Kominick- St Catharine

·         2nd Place: Lillianna Roman- St Peters

·         3rd Place: Caitlyn Chango- Sacred Heart


8th Grade Boys- Division Places

·         1st Place: Thomas Esterbrook- Sacred Heart

·         2nd Place: Rahul Mannepuli- La Salle Academy

·         3rd Place: Joey Walker- Immaculate Conception Academy


Science Fair

64th Reading – Berks Science And Engineering Fair Winners


Special Awards

  • Alliance to the Berks County Dental Society – David Babiarz

  • Berks County Dental Society – Andrew Gordos

  • Berks County Parmacists Association – Sydney Fitzgerald

  • Frank D. Herron Award – Jackie Kirwin

  • Office of Naval Research – Henry Pilliod

  • Penn State Berks, Summer Camps – Michael Herman

8th Grade Physical                                        8th Grade Natural


Honorable Mention                                     Honorable Mention

Colin Balash                                                     Andrew Gordos

Henry Pilliod                                                    Alex Pfromm


                                                                          4th Place

                                                                          Olivia Berry


                                                                          3rd Place

                                                                          Francesca Logozzo


7th Grade Physical                                      7th Grade Natural


Honorable Mention                                   Honorable Mention

Michael Herman                                           Ella Hand

Shawna Thomas


4th Place                                                       5th Place

Joseph Loose                                                 Karina LaFata



6th Grade Natural


Honorable Mention

Katherine Buerke        

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