Sample of a Typical Pre-K Day

7:45  Doors will Open

8:00 - 8:30am    Free Play

May include:

  • home living center

  • legos

  • books

  • blocks

  • puzzles

  • magnet activities

  • pretend activities

8:30am              Morning Meeting

  • Prayer

  • Pledge Allegiance to the Flag

  • Calendar, Weather, News

  • Show & Tell - 1 item per month on your day (not too big, please)

8:45am             Letter of the Week

  • Song, story, poem, activity (hands on, identify, writing, craft snack)

9:30am            Snack

  • Provided by the school 

9:45am             Independent Reading

10:00am           Math

  • Colors

  • Number recognition

  • Patterns

  • Spatial Relationships

  • Time

  • Shapes

  • Counting

  • Sorting

  • Geometry

  • Measurement

10:20am            Religion

  • Story

  • Song

  • Craft

  • Prayers

  • Mass on Holy Days - All Saints, 

Ascention Thursday

10:40am           Centers, Crafts

  • Reinforcement of topics learned


11:15am            Morning students pack up to go home; Full day students prepare for lunch 

11:30am            Morning students dismiss; Lunch for full day students

Lunch - please pack - *Reheat only - not cook - no easy mac, Chef Boyardee cans, pancakes, frozen entrees please. If meat, please cut before sending in. Juice boxes, pouches or bottled water preferred.

12:10pm            Recess

  • Outdoors, weather permitting - Back patio area to play with balls, chalk, bubbles, jump rope, hula hoops, hopscotch, organized games

  • Indoor - gross motor activities, free play, movie        

1:00pm            Quiet time

1:30pm            Free play, story, nature walk

1:45pm             Snack from home (please pack)

2:00pm             Pack up for dismissal

2:30pm             Dismissal 

Additional Activities:

In addition to regular classroom activities, Pre-K will enjoy:


  • Holiday Parties: Halloween, Christmas, Valentine's Day and Easter

  • Field Trips:      Duncan's Corn Maze; Fire Station, YMCA,

Oley Turnpike Dairy, Ballocity End of the Year Party

Discipline and Communication:

Your child will bring home a Parent/Teacher Communication Log and will receive a daily update from the teacher.  Good behavior is rewarded daily through a Sticker in the Parent/Teacher Communication Log. 


Pre-K transportation is parent/guardian drop off and pick up. Busing for Pre-K is not available (busing through your school district is free beginning in kindergarten if your school district is within a 10 mile radius of St. Ignatius).