Welcome to STREAM!

STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Wishing to fortify and continue our legacy of academic excellence, we began exploring ways to enhance our school’s academics and bring 21st century learning skills into the forefront, under the scope of a strong and comprehensive Christ-centered education.   Through the magnanimity of the attendees of our annual Inspire Dinner & Auction, we were blessed to receive over $35,000 for this endeavor.  We thank our donors and community for helping us to continue to fortify our legacy of academic excellence, and look forward to sharing the progress of our program with you.

Students have been using the Dash robot.  Dash is an interactive robot that helps learners of all ages and skill levels learn the fundamentals of coding. This robot is not only mobile and programmable but can be used in an increasing number of ways as its user progresses. Through the application of collaboration and critical thinking, the students gradually discover all the possibilities offered by this little robot. Dash is helping our students develop coding literacy and enhance their collaboration and problem-solving skills.

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