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Welcome to STREAM!

STREAM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Wishing to fortify and continue our legacy of academic excellence, we began exploring ways to enhance our school’s academics and bring 21st century learning skills into the forefront, under the scope of a strong and comprehensive Christ-centered education.   Through the magnanimity of the attendees of our annual Inspire Dinner & Auction, we were blessed to receive over $35,000 for this endeavor.  We thank our donors and community for helping us to continue to fortify our legacy of academic excellence, and look forward to sharing the progress of our program with you.

The activity in the Collaboratory hasn't waned in February! Grade three is strengthening their keyboarding and coding skills by practicing touch-typing and the fundamentals of coding. Using a variety of user-friendly and grade-specific programs, they are strengthening their computer skills weekly. Though they are learning the specifics of touch-typing and appropriate hand-placement they are enjoying the process through gamification. Each learner has already increased their typing speed this year!


Fourth grade is working on evaluating websites. They are using their twenty-first-century skills to ascertain which websites are credible and which are not and why. Through the application of critical thinking skills, they are fortifying what they already know about navigating the internet and building upon their research abilities. Collaboratively, they are looking for the signs of a credible website and websites that are not as credible. They learned all about the hoax of the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus and had a great time learning about this mythical critter.


Fifth grade is continuing to explore the inner-workings of a computer. They are creating paper circuits with copper tape, batteries, and LEDs to recreate how electricity flows from one place to another. Then they will apply this information to recreate how computers work and send data from one location to another within a computer.


Sixth and eighth grades are working in conjunction with their Social Studies and Science class respectively and utilizing their 3D printing skills to bring their creations to fruition. Sixth grade is creating items that correspond to their upcoming Greek Games and eighth grade is creating representations of landforms and plate tectonics that correspond to their current science lesson.


Seventh grade is working on assembling a robot and creating a social media profile for a person of historical importance. For example, Mother Theresa is on Facebook, Genghis Khan is on Instagram, and Abraham Lincoln’s Pinterest page is full of great ideas related to emancipation. 

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