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Mrs. Suzanne Boylan

1st Grade


Mrs. Boylan has been fortunate to be teaching first grade at St. Ignatius Loyola since 1986.  Prior to this, she taught sixth grade in Hamburg and fourth grade at LaSalle in Shillington.  Mrs. Boylan graduated from Holy Name High School and earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Elementary Education with an art minor from Kutztown University.  Her talent in art has always kept her busy in the parish, the community and personally.  She does pen & ink drawings of homes and calligraphy of wedding invitations...and lots of great projects with her school students as they share 180 days of magic.  Mrs. Boylan and her husband, Mike, have four children and six wonderful granddaughters and three awesome grandsons.


St. Ignatius has been Mrs. Boylan's parish since's her other family!


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